Zwiehoff GmbH is an innovative, flexible company with many years of experience

Zwiehoff GmbH

Zwiehoff GmbH is an innovative, flexible company with many years of experience. 

ZWIEHOFF GMBH – A SYNONYM FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE AND INNOVATIVE CAPACITY IN THE FIELD OF ROAD/RAIL TECHNOLOGY. Their strength consists in providing customer-tailored solutions, offering you a variety of vehicles which can be used on roads as well as on rails.

Zwiehoff is one of the worldwide leading companies in development and marketing of innovative road/rail vehicles. The multifunctional vehicles for road and rail operation offer efficient, safe and long-lasting solutions for your individual field of application.

By using high quality systems supplied by technology market leaders like Knorr-Bremse, Zwiehoff builds the basis for high reliability and low operating costs. Ecological and easy to maintain vehicles as well as a global service network ensure your mobility.

Road/Rail electric shunter ROTRAC E2 and his stronger brother ROTRAC E4

Road/Rail electric shunter ROTRAC E2 and his stronger brother ROTRAC E4

The task of the ROTRAC E2 (shunting capacity up to 250 t) and the Rotrac E4 (shunting capacity up to 500 t) is to haul locomotives and railcars at locations like unloading docks, harbours, private railroad companies and repair workshops. Two main requirements of these application areas are very high tractive force of the shunting vehicles as well as their capability of leaving the track and travelling distances between tracks on asphalt.

The rubber-coated drive wheels of the ROTRAC E2 and ROTRAC E4 run on the rails and provide the vehicle’s drive, while the lateral guide on rail is achieved by means of metal rollers.

The four fully synchronized single-wheel drives are controlled by means of two control units (one per axle) that function in master-slave mode.

The key features of the ROTRAC E2 and ROTRAC E4 include a high starting torque, four-wheel drive with electric drive system technology from Linde Hydraulics as well as a low-wear and maintenance-free design. The shunters are remote-controlled and are capable of moving up to 500 t at driving speeds of up to 6 km/h.

Another key function of the shunters is the electronic four-wheel/live axle steering that enables straightforward, precise steering.

Both shunters are powered by an exchangeable battery with a capacity that is sufficient for one working shift.

One very useful component of the ROTRAC E4 is the additional central wheel, which makes the vehicle’s rotation around its own axis possible on road, herewith reducing the turning radius down to approximately 2m.

Thanks to the high competences of the collaborating companies Proplan GmbH, Linde Material Handling GmbH and G. Zwiehoff GmbH and thanks to their extensive experience with this technology, the shunting vehicles ROTRAC E2 and ROTRAC E4 can be produced as explosion protected or fire-resistant execution for operation in the chemical industry or for emergency services in danger zones.

The Unimog – cross functional assistant for plenty of tasks

The Unimog – cross functional assistant for plenty of tasks

The Unimog is not just a multifunctional road vehicle as we are used to see it on the streets. Besides its operation on roads it is also a full-fledged rail vehicle which can  rapidly switch between rail and road.

The Unimog with rail guidance system is intended to be used on rails for the same tasks as on roads – for example for tree care, overhead maintenance, watering, tunnel washing, rescue works as well as carrying staff and equipment to worksites. Besides these tasks, it offers many others solutions.

The Road/Rail Unimog is also an appropriate road/rail winter service vehicle. Equipped with snow plough, sweeper and sanding system it can remove snow from tracks and roads with the sanding system increasing traction on rails.

The Unimog’s hydraulically lowered rail guidance system serves for keeping the vehicle on rail, while the main traction is guaranteed by rubber tires.

Eight forward and eight reverse gears enable speeds of up to 50 km/h in either direction on rail and 90 km/h on road.

Unimog as a shunter

Unimog as a shunter

It’s first-class diesel engine, high-performance transmission and all-wheel drive with differential locks speak for Unimog’s power. Thanks to its rubber road tires, the Unimog creates a very high coefficient of friction, generating high tractive force. This enables the Unimog to easily pull or push heavy loads up to 1000 t.

For shunting, the Unimog is additionally equipped with a railway wagon brake system for loads of more than 100 t. The brake system comes from the Knorr- Bremse AG, which is the worldwide leader of braking system and ensure quick filling of the railcar’s air tanks for reliable and safety work.

The construction of the Unimog allows the installation of different types of rail coupling systems – mechanical, automatic or custom-tailored special versions.

The vehicle is optionally available with radio remote control and can thus be operated by one driver only.


Alternative for locks


ROTRAC RR is a line of rail/road vehicles ranging from 16 to 40 tons and capable of moving trains weighing from 1800 to 4500 tons.

They find their application in sidings, ports, cement- and chemical industry, steelworks, terminals, in brief on places where freight cars are to be moved locally at low speed (< 25 km/h)

The guiding of the vehicle on the rails comes from two guiding axles. They are lifted and lowered by 2 hydraulic cylinders per axel. The controlling of the guiding axels occurs from out the cabin.

Only a limited space of 6 m, where the rails have the same level as the road, is necessary for re-and de-rail.

Almost all ROTRAC RR vehicles are available with execution for rail gauges from 1067 mm to 1676 mm.

The ROTRAC RR vehicles are equipped with two brake systems: the vehicle braking and the wagon braking system.

The traction of the vehicle always comes from its rubber wheels. As the friction coefficient of rubber on iron is ± 3 times bigger then iron on iron, a rail/road vehicle with 1/3 of the weight of a locomotive is able to pull the same load.

This model range can additionally be equipped with attachments, like a snow plough or sweeper.

Through use of a state-of-the-art technology and permanent advancement products, company

Zwiehoff ensures a high operational safety and reliability.

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