Ukrainian automatic train signaling, route control interlocking and power — supply equipment

Журнал "Залізничне постачання"

Ukrainian automatic train signaling, route control interlocking and power — supply equipment

Company OOO NKP “UKRTRANSSIGNAL”, Kharkiv, Ukraine, was founded on February 8, 2000. Since then, it is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises engaged in research and development in railway automation, telemechanics and communications, design and production of automatic hardware and devices for main and industrial transport, also for subways.

The principal activities of the enterprise include designing new equipment in automation, telemechanics and communications, upgrading existing devices, and development of the hardware enabling replacement of obsolete instruments and systems of the railway automation and telemechanics, which are in operation at railway stations and in hauls for a long time.


The list of the major products of the enterprise includes:

  • power equipment for the railway automation and telemechanics devices and systems;
  • electronic units of electric alarm and train separation systems in hauls;
  • data input and display units for interlocking systems;
  • hardware for instrument parameter monitoring in automation systems at railway stations and in hauls;
  • audio frequency track circuit equipment with enhanced functionality;
  • subway signaling and communications equipment;
  • subway stations equipment control systems.

The enterprise cooperates will all railways and industrial transport of Ukraine, supplies the railway automatic equipment to railroads of foreign countries, including the Baltic countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

All the equipment is manufactured have high technical parameters, ease of operation, with module diagnostics of technical condition of devices and protection from external interference, based on state-of-the-art hardware components. Depending on the position in the railway automation systems, the units and devices have plug-in and non-plug-in connections. The logic devices have software.

Our company is certified in the quality management system in compliance with requirements of the Ukrainian National Standardization System (DSTU) ISO 9001:2009.

All the equipment is manufactured have a full cycle of testing in the laboratory and in actual using on the railways, their results are confirmed by accredited certification testing centers. The state certification institutions conducted technical supervision of certified products and their production processes every year.

Another focus of activities of the enterprise is develop projects for upgrading, reconstruction, extension or new construction in railway automation, telemechanics and communications, carry out works to design signaling, centralization and blocking structures and devices, such as:

  • block signaling;
  • electric interlocking system;
  • automation and telemechanics devices for hump yards;
  • automatic regulation of train traffic;
  • centralized traffic control;
  • automatic railway traffic control and crossing protection systems.
  • subway stations ventilation equipment control systems.

Our experts received qualification training in design and development of telemechanics and communications automatic equipment.

We use in development cutting-edge typical and construction solutions, enabling selection of optimum variants for safety, environmental protection, compliance with sanitary standards and requirements to infrastructure requirements.

automatic train signaling, route control interlocking and power

Company OOO NKP “UKRTRANSSIGNAL” carries out works in preparation of project documentation for railway transport facilities in compliance with the customer’s requirements and applicable regulatory technical documents. Non-standard solutions can be elaborated to fulfill the set tasks when designing projects. That enable optimally meet the needs of customers.

Our team members are always ready to provide qualified technologic support to the customers as regards configuration, upgrading, finalizing and delivery of hardware for a wide variety of purposes.

We have at our disposal research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Prior to shipment to the customer, all products undergo acceptance tests and tests for compliance with technical documentation.

Company guarantees the minimum period between the product order and its shipment to the consumer, strict compliance with warranty obligations.

We are prepared to provide complete, comprehensive and partial supplies of custom-made equipment, spare parts and other necessary products with accompanying engineering documentation.

Our enterprise is accredited at the customs, which allows delivering the products to foreign customers as soon as practicable.

Year after year, our enterprise is rapidly growing, expanding the range of its products, structure and types of activities.

Today, Company OOO NKP “UKRTRANSSIGNAL” is not complacent, it is in search for new ways of further development and invites new business partners to cooperation.

On this year Company is planning to be certified in the quality management system in compliance with requirements a last version of the International Standardization System ISO 9001:2015.

It will be helping Company to move a new level of production, for a better satisfaction and an understanding of customers’ requirements, for improvement the equipment quality.

Full detailed range of our products and technical characteristics are available on the company’s website:


  • Control and monitoring equipment
  • Traffic control equipment
  • Audio frequency track circuit and automatic speed control equipment
  • Racks
  • Pulse sensors, transmitters
  • Hump automation equipment
  • Time delay units
  • Diode capacitor units
  • Measuring units
  • Ground alarm
  • Plug-in relays
  • Transformers, chokes
  • Checkers
  • Cable ladders, cabinets, boxes and other equipment
  • Jumpers, connectors
  • Other items


  • Power panels:

– for large main transport stations

– for small main transport stations (max 30 points)

– for large industrial transport stations (max 80 points)

– for small industrial transport stations:

– for subway (max 10 points):

  • Boards
  • Rectifiers
  • Converters
  • Voltage and phase control units
  • Other items




Tel./fax: +380 (57) 393-10-96


Address: 2, Louis Pastuer St., Kharkiv, 61075, Ukraine

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