Ukraine starts impressive large scale modernization of its rail infrastructure!

Ukraine starts impressive large scale modernization of its rail infrastructure

Ukraine starts impressive large scale modernization of its rail infrastructure!

Country needs an efficient and competitive logistics system to boost exports and its integration into the global economy. As Ukraine strengthens its ties with the EU, it needs to align its infrastructure and legislation.

In February 2018 Ukraine’s Ministry of Transportation announced the signature of $1billion agreement with GE to boost Ukraine’s diesel fleet. It will deliver 225 new diesel locomotives and also upgrade 75 older models. The agreement also says that up to 40% of the manufacturing will be localized in Ukraine.

Ukraine continues to show its commitment to undergo a large scale modernization of its railway infrastructure by requesting the EBRD to provide technical assistance with two major projects.

The first one aims at the electrification of a 253 km railway line in South Ukraine to improve the efficiency of the railway operations and the capacity for port hinterland traffic.

The second project is a multi-stage program pursuing the renewal of outdated rolling stock during until 2021.

All in all, these projects perfectly show Ukraine’s ambition to modernize its railway infrastructure. The country has bold plans in the pipeline and it seems determined to bring them to completion as early as possible.

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