The compressor equipment for rolling stock of railway transport


The compressor equipment for rolling stock of railway transport

The reliability of rolling stock in a great measure depends on the uptime of its pneumatic system. Compressed air is a traditional, tested for over a century, the working energy source in the brake system and other pneumatic devices. The main part in the pneumatic system of the rolling stock is the compressor. The compressor equipment for rolling stock of railway transport.

It provides a continuous supply of compressed air to the brake system. In addition, control systems of automatic doors of passenger cars, contact collectors, feeding of abrasive compound at a wheels’ impeller and others are bring into action by compressed air. At the present time, more stringent requirements for run between repairs and terms of service are lodged to the locomotives and motorcar rolling stock. Therefore, these requirements are transferred directly its components as well. Taking into account the special responsibility of the air-brake compressor as pneumatic power source for the braking system, heightened requirements are lodged to it at the first turn. 

A holding “NICMAS” includes JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” and JSC “VNIIkompressormash” that are traditional suppliers of compressor equipment for railway rolling stock.

A long-term experience in the production of compressors for rail transport allows to organize, along with the mass production of traditional products, a production of compressor installations of the new generation with high technical characteristics for the reconstruction of the existing and creation of new locomotives of rolling stock of railways of Ukraine and CIS.

Piston compressors – type “KT” (“KT6”, “KT7”, “KT6El”)


Engineering solutions that are innated in the construction designof compressor type “KT” (“KT6”, “KT7”, “KT6El”), reserves of strength and durability allow to occupy a niche till now. The whole range of compressors is built on a single database, the distinguishing feature is the direction of rotation (“KT6” and “KT6El-right-hand rotation” and “KT7-left-hand rotation” looking from the drive side of the compressor) and the presence of the discharge device (“KT6” and “KT7” transferred to idle by squeezing plates of valves and “KT6El” do not have this devices). Typical type of this series is compressor “KT6” – three-cylinder two-step, the W-shaped arrangement of cylinders, piston, air cooled, equipped with a device for the transfer to idle (in “KT6” and “KT7” compressors). During the years of mass production it was produced more than 100 thousand of piston compressors of this model.

During the process of modernization of the compressor “KT6” by the customer’s order, its technical characteristics have been greatly expanded, at is the speed of the crankshaft increased to 1000 rpm, and productivity was increased to at least 6 m3/min with a working pressure up to 10 kgf/cm2.

Piston compressors – type “PC” (“PC-5,25A”, “PC-3,5A”, “PC-3,5AM”, “PC-1,75A”)


JSC «Poltava Turbomechanical Plant» worked up the mass production of standardized piston compressors type “PC” in the development of the railway compressors subject. Compressors “PC1,75A“, “PC-3,5A”, “PC-5,25A” – two-stage piston with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and air cooled. Unlike compressors “”KT”, “PC” is high-speed compressor, that allowed to obtain same performance at lower power consumption the compressor “PC-5,25A” for smaller dimensions and specific gravity.

It was a step forward in the development of a number of piston compressors for railway rolling stock. Piston compressors “PC” are using as a part of locomotives “TEP70”, “TEP75”, “2TE116”, “DS3”, shunting locomotives “TGM4”, at electrical train DP2.

Electrocompressors EKVO-0,8/9, EKVO-0,8/9-01


In the early 90-s it was created a design and began a mass production of the block electrocompressors EKVO-0,8/9-01 for electric and diesel trains of JSC Holding Company «Luganskteplovoz», subway cars production of «Kryukiv Vagonmashzavod».

Electrocompressors EKVO-0,8/9, EKVO-0,8/9-01 is one-piece, two-stage, piston, two-cylinder with opposed horizontal arrangement of cylinders and intercooled.

Opposite side of the compressor circuit detects a low level of vibration. The connecting rods are made without a bottom head connector with established anti-friction bearings. This design has allowed to exclude the use of forced lubrication under the pressure and apply the scheme of lubrication’s spraying.

Screw compressor units


A priority direction at the holding «NICMAS» was given to the subject of screw compressors for rolling stock.

It was nominated a perspective number of units with the parameters used in the compressors of railway vehicles as the newly developed, and the replacement of piston compressors.

Application of a series of screw compressor units began with the production of the screw compressor unit BB-3,5/10. An experienced machine BB 3,5/10 has been installed on the first prototype electric locomotive 2ES6 which were developed at JSC «Ural Railway Engineering Plant» (Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region, Russia). As of December 2016, it was produced more than 740 units of BB-3,5/10 brake screw compressor plants which are operated on electric locomotives 2ES6 and 2ES10 and produced by «Ural Locomotives» (Russia), CHMEZM locomotives which were modernized by «ZOS Zvolen» (Slovakia) together with «Diesel Locomotive plant» (Poltava), and others.

The using of screw compressors allows, firstly, to receive the compressed air which would have a better quality, as at temperature, and at frequency, compared to a piston compressor, to increase time between overhaul, reduce noise and vibration. It reduces maintenance costs and costs for repairs. The time till general maintenance is increasing till 40 thousand hours of operation of the unit.

At the present time, the following types of screw compressors are at the stage of implementing: AKV 5,25/ 1 U2, AKV 0,85/1 U2, BB-3,5/10 U2, AKV-4,5/1 P U2 M1, AKV-6/1 U2. Elements of the leading European manufacturers in the industry are using in the compressors’ construction that allows to assert the reliability of this technique during implementation of the basic functions, providing locomotive systems by compressed air.

The years of working with the rail transport allow to assert that it was accumulated a great technical experience, which is taking into account specifics of the operation conditions of the compressor equipment at rolling stock, requirements of railway workers to the of reliability and durability.

Years of operation on rolling stock have shown a high level of reliability which is offered by our production of compressor installations.

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