Microprocessor based railway traffic control systems — RWA systems

RWA Railwayautomatic

Microprocessor based railway traffic control systems — RWA systems

RWA systems are adapted to the modern railway and subway operating rules. We have experience and we know what to offer to you. We have developed certified solutions that have been in none failure and trouble free operation for more than 17 years. They do not require extra payment during service and modernization. Most of your employees have necessary level of education, knowledge and experience.

Limited Liability Company «Scientific and Production Enterprise «Zaliznychavtomatyka» (Trademark owner RWA) traces its history to 1999 when our team developed and introduced the first microprocessor train traffic control system for companies of the South Western Railway (Ukraine).

RWA Development Railwayautomatic

Scientific-Research and Engineering survey of development automatic and telemechanical systems for the main and industrial railway transport and subway

RWA Design Railwayautomatic

Design and Engineering of automatic and telemechanical systems of rail transport, development of applications software МЕК 61131 і SCADA programming languages

RWA Supply Railwayautomatic

Complex supply of special equipment and software including its own production facilities for railway enterprises

RWA Construction Railwayautomatic

Package of installation, hook-up and start-up works operations during implementations of automatic and telemechanical systems, life cycle technical supervision

Microprocessor based railway traffic control systems

Today RWA is a professional engineering company that successfully operates in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad.

For more than 17 years the company has developed and implemented technical solutions and dozens of different management systems for departments of «Ukrzaliznytsia», subways of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Moscow, industrial transport enterprises in Ukraine and CIS countries.

Developed and produced in series according to the technical conditions (ТУ У 31.6-34017368-001:2011 і ТУ 4252-001-89676003-2011) the main integrated systems:

Microprocessor based railway traffic control systems - RWA systems

Dispatcher control and interlocking;

Relay-microprocessor interlocking;

Microprocessor interlocking;

Microprocessor sorting hump interlocking;

Microprocessor automatic blocking;

Microprocessor semiautomatic blocking;

Microprocessor level crossing signaling;

Monitoring locomotives systems;

Мicroprocessor systems of axles count;

Electric power supply for rail facilities.



All RWA systems are adapted to modern rules of technical operation of the railways.

In the proposed system we use only standard protocols and interfaces and equipment manufactured in series. It allows further development in the following directions: integration with other systems; identification mobile units; executed schedule of trains traffic and other.

Systems designed by «RWA» are based on the element base of Schneider Electric company, that specially designed for industrial automation systems.

The structure of the system construction «2 of 2» in conjunction with highly reliable hardware (eg average MTBF is 300 000 — 400,000 hours (~ 30-40 years)), can build systems with safety and reliability indicators in accordance with rail standards.

Application Software (LAP) systems is developed in the software environment UnityPro that supports the international standard IEC 61131-3 (MЭK61131-3) that provides the same environment of programs development for management systems in multiple programming languages.

Develop the systems with open architecture

UnityPro software is based on the principle of openness that enables efficient and easy interaction with other software systems.

This software environment enables programming in the following standard languages: FBD – language of functional blocks, graphical programming language standard IEC 61131-3 and LD – relay logic language that is convenient syntax to replace the logic executed on relay technique.

Thus, the development of middleware systems uses programming language that is most suitable for the specifics of the schemes of rail automation building and composed of a set of standard blocks and relay equipment.

Using standard programming language allows us to create open architecture systems with software which is easily understood for operating personnel with the basic skills of computer user. This rigid sequence of the program leads to a simple internal structure of commands

that are transmitted in a quick and reliable code than exclude the possibility of making mistakes that most often encountered in the preparation of programs in objectoriented languages.

Development and setting of application software at all levels is performed with maximum use of computer-aided design system (CAD).

Why to pay more?

Application software does not require periodic payments for its use in future. The software has diagnostic tools.

This approach to creation of the application software allows to operate RWA railway automatic system remotely by the existing staff of industry experts.

When commissioning the system a complete package of technical documentation is transferred to the customer, including application software displayed graphically in an accessible and repeats relay circuit of signals and interlocking. Printed text of application software allows to store the original application software and make changes according to the current procedures for railway amending the relay circuit of signals and interlocking.

We adapt company staff!

To change the application software programmers are not required – there is enough to have industry professionals with higher railway education who trained at the Railway University in training centers of our company and on-site during the start-up operations.These professionals are authorized to make changes in application software similar to the existing procedures of your business operation relay systems.

To protect against unauthorized amendments to the application software operating personnel are provided with appropriate levels of access: review and amendments; view only.

The list of persons entitled to make changes in the application software determined by top-management and approved by the head of signaling and telecommunication services.

The above principle applies to all kinds of railway automatics and telemechanics – station, stages between the railway stations, sorting hump interlocking, level crossing signaling, dispatching centralized, dispatching control, etc.

RWA systems advantages

For implementation and operation of the development RWA customer pays only the cost of the system, and receives more than advantages:

  • No need to increase work on the maintenance systems compared with current relay systems.
  • The use of semiconductor components in systems instead of relay contacts can increase the number of switching cycles, thus completely eliminating the periodic inspection items in the repair – process stations (functional safety in the application of semiconductor components is achieved by using the management structure «2 of 2»).
  • Application software is displayed in graphical form accessible repeating relay circuit rail automation and robot. This online program algorithm (conditional «current flow in circuits of relay circuits») displayed in an interactive form, which allows visually to keep track of logical dependence.
  • Listing application software are printed allowing you to keep the original software in printed form and introduce amendments to the relay circuit rail automatics and teleautomatics according to the established procedures
  • There is no need to use programmers to change the application software – it is enough to train specialists with higher railway education who have been trained in modern university program or training courses at the Railway University.

We have experience and we know what to offer to you. We have developed certified solutions that have been in none failure and trouble free operation for more than 17 years. They do not require extra payment during service and modernization. Most of your employees have necessary level of education, knowledge and experience. This clearly demonstrates the benefits of our systems with open architecture.

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